The Crew

The So That Happened crew is comprised of five rag tag ne’er do wells that happened to end up in the same place at the same time.


Full time mom. Part time smart ass and master of sarcasm. Fate brought me together with three others that have the same love of shitty movies and making fun of them. Thank you for letting me have this outlet to take out my hate


Hooch aka Gina. Weekend hippie. One time roller derby player. Mother to two wieners and a cat; they are weird. Hey, Jeff!


Erin is a full time procrastinator who doesn’t know what to write about herself. She watches lots of movies with her husband, two dogs and a cat. She detest long titles, loves skating, generally enjoys cooking and just remembered that she has some brownies in the kitchen.


Ice cream addict, part time super hero, IT nerd and crazy cat lady.  Bill lives for B-Movies, and has an extreme penchant for horror.  He once chewed 11 entire packages of Bubblicious Bubble Gum at once in a parking lot in upstate New York so that he could win a REALLY COOL windbreaker.


Roller assassin, mother of one and ex Coney Island snake handler. Mamba Currently resides in small England town where she does awesome stuff. Her Hobbies include house work on skates, Zumba envy, epic eye rolls, glamping, emojis, and beards. She is BFF’s with the Anaconda and mortal enemies with the mongoose.

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