Episode 013 – Ice Castles

Ice Castles Theatrical Poster

Ice Castles (1978)

One ice skating movie to rule them all, and one song to be played through this whole movie – including the xylophone version.

Up and coming ice skater, Lexi (played by ice skating actress Lynn-Holly Johnson), is given the opportunity to skate in the big leagues, aka the Midwest Regionals.  Lexi’s one dimensional personality manages to land her a few Sports Illustrated covers while her jealous and douchey failure of a boyfriend – Nick (Robby Benson aka the Beast from Beauty & the Beast) – proves inadequate for minor league hockey and college.  16 year old Lexi apparently is in a relationship with a 30 something newscaster.  Lexi is sabotaged by a jealous protruding metal pole tripping her and leaving her blind.  After a few days or weeks, Lexi gets back on her skates and somehow manages to skate in a regional competition.  You never know her score but are somehow supposed to feel good that she accomplished something so great.

In 2015, the STH gang talk about subpar ice skating costumes & their lack of the Galindo factor, rabid attack patio furniturefigure skating robots and the age of consent in Iowa. Hold on to your butts because it gets a little weird.

Ice Castles stars Lynn-Holly JohnsonRobby BensonTom Skerritt, and Colleen Dewhurst and was directed by Donald Wrye.

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