Episode 015 – My Father the Hero

My Father The Hero Theatrical Poster

My Father the Hero (1994)

This 1994 American adaptation of a 1991 French film is probably the best portrayal of Katherine Heigl’s real attitude.

Heigl plays Nicole, a 14 year old daughter of divorced parents who is “forced” to go on a luxurious vacation to the Bahamas with her French father Andre (Gerard Depardieu).

Nicole is a sociopath who creates a freaky web of lies to impress a local boy (Dalton James) which includes being the daughter of a prostitute and convicted felon, living on the street and pretending that her father is actually her boyfriend.

The Electra complex is palpable.  Nicole also tramps around in a thong bikini, LBDs and daisy dukes for most of the film – at which time I remind you that she is 14!  By the end of the episode, we talk about how stupid her plan is, how to spot an evil person, argue about whether Gerard could get it with Lauren Hutton and basically lose our minds by the end of it and recommend something that isn’t even a movie.

My Father The Hero stars Gerard DepardieuKatherine Heigl, and Dalton James and was directed by Steve Miner.

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