Episode 016- Zapped!

Zapped!  (1982)

80’s boob comedy Zapped! stars Scott Baio as a high school scientist with a pretty sweet lab.

He has a few experiments going that Willie Aames and Scatman Crothers screw up with various hijinks and after getting zapped he uses telekinetic powers to get revenge on bullies.

Along the way, he falls in love with the class president who wears glasses and (plot twist) is also pretty at the same time.   We talk about how it’s a Carrie ripoff, wonder how they kept their pot hidden so long, completely forget to mention that the principal and one of the teachers have sex under a table and remember what movie boobs looked like in the 80’s.  No boobs or butts are safe from the powers of Zapped!

Zapped! stars Scott BaioWillie AamesRobert Mandan, and Felice Schachter and was directed by Robert J. Rosenthal

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