Episode 019 – Rhinestone

Rhinestone Theatrical Poster

Rhinestone (1984)

One of the more bizarre musicals So That Happened has torn apart.

Jake (Dolly Parton) is a featured singer at a cowboy club in New York.  She enters into a creepy deal with the club owner to get out of her contract she can either turn taxi driver Nick (Sly) or sleep with the club owner.  Jake brings Nick to Tennessee so he can do all things country.  They sing some creepy songs and hook up in Jake’s family house.

Listen to Bill get confused and say Don Pleasence when he means Angus Scrimm, lots of wig talk and the gang discusses the homoerotic electricity between Sly & Tim Thomerson!

Rhinestone stars Sylvester StalloneDolly PartonRichard Farnsworth, and Tim Thomerson and was directed by Bob Clark.

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