Episode 020 – The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon Theatrical Poster

Blue Lagoon (1980)

Holy crap people, how was this a movie?  How was this a HIT?  Why do people love this movie?  Sure that’s probably too many questions for a movie recap but it feels necessary to convey that you should not watch this movie.  So what happens in this?  Well, some cousins get shipwrecked and end up on an island with a pirate who teaches them all they need to know to survive before he dies… then nature takes its course and… hey, lizards!

This episode features us trying to figure out why people like this movie so much, wondering why they didn’t just take a train from Boston to San Francisco and wishing we’d just watched a nature documentary instead.  There have been a few retellings of this story and perhaps those are better (and don’t involve cousins or teenagers and maybe some damn adventure) but this version of Blue Lagoon was just unpleasant and boring.

*Also, Erin is aware that the Panama Canal exists but it wasn’t finished yet during the “Victorian Era” which is when this movie is set.  So don’t email in saying that “Duh they weren’t going to sail all the way around South America” because in theory, that is what they were setting out to do (and they should have just taken a damn train in the first place).

**Also also, Bill was SUPER uncomfortable with this one.

The Blue Lagoon stars Brooke ShieldsChristopher Atkins, and Leo McKern and was directed by Randal Kleiser.

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