Episode 022 – Never Too Young To Die

Never Too Young To Die Video Release Poster

Never Too Young to Die (1986)

This week we talk about the crowning achievement in 1980’s spy cinema, Never Too Young to Die.

It stars John Stamos before he was Uncle Jesse, Vanity DURING the crack and Gene Simmons in a campy spy movie that sort of knows that it’s campy but is trying to act anyway.

From the opening where the villain yells his devious plot to his/her followers in the desert, straight through to the very end, we were thoroughly entertained.  We talked about a lot of the movie and still left some parts out for you to discover when you watch this (because you really should).

Run, don’t walk, to youtube, and watch Never Too Young to Die… but first, listen to this episode where we talk about it all.

This episode also has some bonuses (bonusi?), with the opening song about Stargroooove after the trailer and the vintage, super serious Entertainment Tonight feature at the end!

Never Too Young To Die stars John StamosVanityGene Simmons, and George Lazenby, and was directed by Gil Bettman.

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