Episode 026 – Ghost

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We are kicking off Smayze early with the all sorts of emotionally confusing (Romance? Suspense? Drama? Comedy?) Ghost from 1990.

Patrick Swayze aka P-Swayze is murdered in a robbery while his girlfriend, Demi Moore, stands around and yells into an empty alley.

P-Swayze befriends psychic Whoopi Goldberg to avenge his death and save his special lady friend from Tony Goldwyn – who has been snorting waaaaay too much cocaine.

Special moments from the gang include sad sound effects from Hooch, ghosts & gravity/physics and Satan’s smoke monsters with cartoon eyes taking the evil dead people to hell.

Ghost stars Patrick SwayzeDemi MooreWhoopi Goldberg, and Tony Goldwyn and was directed by Jerry Zucker.

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