Episode 030 – Road House

Road House Theatrical Poster

Road House (1989)

In 1989 a movie throat-chopped its way into the hearts of America and it hasn’t let go.

P-Swayze is a famous bouncer tasked with cleaning up a bar called The Double Deuce.

Dalton rolls into town, lays down his rules and is nice until it’s time to not be nice which angers the rich guy in town.  It’s basically an 80’s fest of fightin’, hair, butts and Patrick Swayze so we love it.

*Also, Erin screwed up Robert Durst’s name twice.  She didn’t mean Fred or Richard Durst (whoever that is), she meant Robert dammit.

Road House stars Patrick SwayzeKelly LynchSam Elliott, and Ben Gazzara and was directed by Rowdy Herrington.

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