Episode 038 – Chopping Mall

Chopping Mall Theatrical Poster

Chopping Mall (1986)

This week we initially had done an episode for you on Super Buddies (2013) however due to hardware changes in our recording setup the episode was unusable, so Swan and Bill scrambled to record a last minute episode for you where we cover Chopping Mall!  (we also lost portions of this episode.)

This is a universal favorite amongst the So That Happened family, a mid 80’s low budget robot slasher horror heavily drenched in Corman…  what more could you possibly want?

Short Circuit may have been the OTHER “Robots with tank treads” film from 1986, but it can’t hold a candle to Chopping Mall! (OK, it DOES have Ally Sheedy in a bathtub, but Chopping Mall has EXPLODING HEADS!)

Chopping Mall stars Kelli MaroneyTony O’DellBarbara Crampton, and Dick Miller and was directed by Jim Wynorski.

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