Episode 046 – Blue Seduction

Blue Seduction TV Movie Poster

Blue Seduction (2009)

Welcome back! This week we bring you the 2009 made for TV throw away, “Blue Seduction”!

If you’ve ever wanted to watch something so terrible, that it made you verbally say, “What the hell happened to Billy Zane?”, then THIS is the wonderful piece of magic that you’ve been waiting for!!

Mikey Taylor is a once-famous rock star in retirement. Everything was as usual in his previous life—parties, drugs, casual sex with different women, until he met his future wife Joyce, a broker in a reputable real estate company, who helped him cope with his addictions. However, along comes his big fan, a gorgeous young woman, who wants to use him to become famous herself. To achieve her goal, she seduces Mikey with alcohol, cocaine, and rough sex, leading him to his near self-destruction.

Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?  JOIN US!! Special commentary from Erin!!

Blue Seduction stars Billy ZaneEstella WarrenJane Wheeler, and Bernard Robichaud and was directed by Timothy Bond

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