Episode 058 – Queen of the Damned

Queen Of The Damned Video Poster

Queen of the Damned (2002)

“The Vampire Lestat becomes a rock star whose music wakes up the queen of all vampires.”

…Late nineties angry numetal, a love story, a showdown, gothy angst, OH MY! IT’S GOT IT ALL!!

This one haphazardly smashes together the plots from the a handful of Ann Rice novels that Warner Brothers managed to acquire the rights to, nearly completely diverts from the storyline of the novels, AND was given the screenplay treatment by a pair of TV Movie writers!


Oh yes, Swan and Bill really DID watch this movie.

Queen of the Damned stars AaliyahStuart TownsendMarguerite Moreau, and Vincent Perez and was directed by Eduardo Rodriguez.

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