Holiday Special 2014 – The Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars Holiday Special TV Poster

Happy Life Day! The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

AKA “Star Wars 4.5”.  This 97 minute made for TV special nearly brought down the lucrative and game changing Star Wars franchise.  The program centers around Chewbacca’s family preparing for his arrival for the celebration of Life Day on their home planet of Kashyyyk.  This is the longest and most bizarre 97 minutes of your life featuring Chewie’s creepy dad enjoying beastiality, black face robots, 30 seconds of Darth Vader and a random cartoon that will make you think you fell asleep and woke up in an alternate universe.  Merry Christmas from the whole So That Happened gang.

The Star Wars Holiday Special stars Mark HamillPeter MayhewHarrison Ford and Carrie Fisher and was directed by Steve Binder.

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